How to Bid


Making an Account (Signing up)

If you are new to Julien’s, you’ll need to create an account in order to bid. You can do this by clicking the “Log In” button in the upper right corner of the screen and clicking the “Sign Up” link at the bottom of the log in window.

Creating a new account is a breeze. You'll be prompted to provide your email, password, and name. These will be your login credentials in the future.

Once you’ve completed this, we'll send a verification email to the address you provided. Simply click the link in the email, and your account is verified and logged in.

Logging In

The log in button is in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. If you have an account, all you need to log in is your email address and password.

If you’ve forgotten your password, you can choose the “forgot password” link in the log in window, and we’ll email you reset link.

Registering for an Auction

Registering for an auction allows you to bid and receive updates. It also allows us to conveniently update your shipping and billing info before the live portion of the sale.

You may notice that the buttons in the auction will direct you to complete this step if you have not done it yet. Later on, they will direct you to place a bid, log in, or enter the live bidding room.

When registering, you will have a chance to update your preferred shipping and billing information. You will be asked to enter your credit card information if you are a new bidder, but if you have registered before, you can skip this step.

As part of this process, we will validate your chosen credit card, and ask you to accept any updated Terms and Conditions that may be attached to the auction. This process takes a few minutes, and once it is completed, you are ready to bid.

Why do I need to provide my ID and credit card?

These documents allow Julien’s Auctions to confirm your identity. The credit card will have a $1 hold imposed for verification purposes. Your card information will also be stored securely and auto-charged up to $5,000 if you win any lot(s) in an auction.


Once you’re logged in and registered, you can place a bid.
There are a few different ways to place a bid:

1. You can place an absentee or max bid

Once an auction has opened, you are free to bid. At this stage, there is no timer, so the lots will remain open for bidding until they close in the bidding room during the live portion of the auction.

You can choose to bid the next asking bid, or you can bid your maximum amount, and the system will bid for you until it reaches your limit. This way, you don’t have to check in on your bids. If there is any money leftover in the maximum bid that you placed, that amount will remain with you.

2. You can bid in a live auction

Most sales end in a live auction, with an auctioneer. This experience sometimes happens in a venue that you can visit, but it will also happen in our online bidding room, to ensure that you can participate in the action no matter where in the world you are watching from.

The date and time of the live sale will be displayed on the main auction page, and under the auction schedule tab.

When it’s time, you can join us in the online bidding room by clicking the “enter auction” button that will appear on our website.

When bidding in a live auction, you will always be bidding the next asking bid, and all you have to do here is click the button to send in that bid (almost like raising your paddle!). You can access the online bidding room on desktop devices, tablets, and mobile phones.

3. You can bid on the phone with our staff

If you’re unable to attend the auction on-site, and it’s not convenient to access the online bidding room, you can phone bid with our staff during the live experience.

All you need to do is inform our staff via email of what items you are interested in bidding on, how to contact you, and when that item comes up in the bidding order, they will give you a call and bid on your behalf.

Finding out that you have been outbid

You’re not alone out there! At any point in the auction process, you can get outbid. If this happens before the live portion of the sale, you will be informed via email and can return to place the next bid.

If you place a bid on an item, and immediately find that you have been outbid, it may be that someone has placed a max bid before you arrived, and it is now activating because of your bid.

The amount that the other users have earmarked for that max bid is a secret, so it is not always possible to know how much is truly on the table until the live portion of the sale.

What's a maximum or max bid?

We’ve talked a lot about max bids, but what is it? When bidding in an open auction, you have the choice to select a maximum bid. This is the full amount that you are willing to spend on a specific lot.

You can enter this maximum amount, and instead of spending that money all at once, the system will hold on to it and spend it as people bid against you. The system will only bid the current asking bid.

This means that you may not spend your entire maximum amount. Because it’s automatic, letting the system bid on your behalf can be a safe way to ensure that you don’t forget about the items that you are the most excited about.


How can I pay if I've won?

If you win an item, you will see that information in your email, and also in the “Items I have won” section of “My Items” in your user profile.

Winning bidders have 10 days to provide payment.

If you have spent under $5000, you will be autocharged on the card that you shared with us during registration. If the amount is over $5000, you may arrange payment in any of the following methods:

  • • cash
  • • cashier’s check
  • • personal check
  • • wire transfer
  • • credit card (American Express, Mastercard, and Visa)
  • • crypto payment (When indicated, for certain Lots Julien’s Auctions also accepts payment by cryptocurrency (Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), DAI Stablecoin (DAI), Dogecoin (DOGE), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and USD Coin (USDC))

Winning Bidders who wish to pay by check may do so by making checks payable to:

Julien’s Auctions
13007 Western Avenue
Gardena, CA 90249

What fees or extra costs do I need to be aware of?

The costs in your final invoice may differ depending on the specific auction, and the way that you choose to pay.

  • • Buyers Premium: the buyer's premium is a charge in addition to the hammer price of an auction item, or lot. This fee covers administrative costs involved in the handling of the lot, and can change per auction.
  • • Shipping: Depending on the size and unique context of your lot, we can work with you to find a shipping solution that works best for you.
  • • There is a 2% credit card processing fee on invoices $5000 and over
  • • There is a 1.5% processing fee on crypto payments (when permitted)

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