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Top 5 Sci-Fi Items in Hollywood Legends: Danger, Disaster & Disco

Specialist picks from current TCM and Julien's Hollywood Legends: Danger, Disaster & Disco auction.

June 12, 2024

a statue of an alien with its arms outstretched


A top selection of sci-fi artifacts, up for auction in TCM and Julien's Hollywood Legends: Danger, Disaster & Disco.

An original hero large-scale filming miniature of the USOS Seaview submarine from the Irwin Allen science fiction film Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (20th Century Fox, 1961) and the television series Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (20th Century Fox Television, 1964 - 1968). 

This large-scale model is composed of fiberglass that has been painted with a silver/gray finish. Similar to the design of the FS-1 seen in the television series, the Seaview featured a design that resemble that of a sea creature similar to a manta ray with sloping lines and gills. This model was designed to be both submerged and float above the water for production. This model features plexiglass cab windows, bay doors designed for the FS-1 "Flying Submarine," rudders, missile hatches, antenna, periscope, internal steel girder arches.

During the time of production, all three of the Seaview models, including this seventeen-foot model were built at a cost of $200,000. This was the largest of the models used to depict the Seaview, with a four-foot and eight-foot model also being used during production. All models were produced by Herb Cheeks' model shop at Fox Studios.

L.B. Abbott was primarily responsible for creating the special effects used to create the life-like scale of the Seaview, which was partly filmed at the backlot of Fox Studios.To create the appearance of large waves crashing against the vessel, the rate of the camera was adjusted to 136 frames per second. In addition, fans and wave generators produced the intended effect for the seventeen-foot scale model.

This impressive model was previously owned by Dave Merriman, a prop designer would worked on productions such as The Hunt for Red October (Paramount Picture, 1990), and was then later displayed at Planet Hollywood in Beverly Hills, California from 1993 until 2002. In more recent years, the model received minor restoration work and maintenance including retouching of painted surfaces and repairing minor cracks in fiberglass surfaces. 

Includes a DVD of the film.

PROVENANCE Lot 555 "Hollywood Auction 17," Profiles in History, December 12, 2003

Classic Sci-Fi, Irwin Allen

A full special effects stunt ensemble for a Xenomorph from Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (20th Century Fox, 2007).

This ensemble, created by Amalgamated Dynamics, is comprised of a foam latex body suit with attachable feet components, a vaccuform plastic and foam head piece, and a detachable foam tail connected via metal poles. The arms of the body suit contain puppeteering wires with attached control handles that operate the elongated fingers of the costume. The jaw of the head piece contains hydraulics inside that allow it to open and close. This function was most likely operated via a remote control (not present).

This costume was either worn by "Alien" performer Tom Woodruff Jr. or a different stunt performer. It can be seen in the film when a Xenomorph jumps through a window and attacks Tim (Sam Trammell) in his daughter's bedroom.

Sci-Fi, Costume, Predator, Alien

An original ensemble as worn by Robert John Burke as "Officer Alex Murphy / RoboCop" in the film RoboCop 3 (Orion Pictures, 1993). 

This ensemble includes an original fiberglass helmet featuring foam padding inside, fiberglass chestplate, fiberglass shoe covers, foam latex gloves, fiberglass shoulder and arm covers, a plastic and latex torso section, fiberglass leg armor, fabric head liner, RoboCop 2 t-shirt, leather holster, and various hardware components.The helmet is composed of two separate pieces that are connected together by Velcro. All silver-tone elements are painted with a metallic finish.

This type of ensemble is the priciple outfit worn by RoboCop throughout the film.

This costume was created during the production of RoboCop 2 (Orion Pictures, 1990) for Peter Weller, and was later used in the production of RoboCop 3. Due to the differences in their height, Burke had difficulty fitting into a suit that was custom-made for Weller.

Includes a DVD of the film.

Chestplate: 16.5 x 17.75 x 10.5 inches ; Torso: 29 x 16 x 13.5 inches ; Helmet: 11 x 11 x 8 inches ; Leg Armor: 39 x 11 x 6 inches each

Sci-Fi, Costume

The original and iconic ensemble of the "Imperious Leader," voiced by Patrick Macnee and portrayed by Dick Curock in the television series Battlestar Galactica (Universal Television, 1978). 

The ensemble is composed of a custom-made red fabric robe, a resin headdress and fiberglass and foam latex head appliance. The head appliance has deteriorated with age and only the frame structure remains.

In Battlestar Galactica. the Imperious Leader is the supreme leader of the Cylons. The character has a reptile-like appearance and glowing eyes. The Imperious Leader's appearance in the series carries a certain mystique as they are rarely seen close-up.

In the series, the Imperious Leader embodies the Cylons' unwavering determination to achieve their objectives, whether it involves wiping out humanity or asserting Cylon supremacy. Though seldom seen in person, the Imperious Leader casts a formidable shadow over Cylon society, inspiring unwavering obedience and loyalty among lower-ranking models. Ruthless and strategic, the Imperious Leader shows a willingness to sacrifice lives, both Cylon and human, to secure victory. Their motives and background remain cloaked in secrecy, heightening their air of enigma and the looming threat they pose.

PROVENANCE Lot 440, "Hollywood Auction 20," Profiles in History, December 10, 2004

Classic Sci-Fi, Costume

A pair of original goggle props as worn by Tye Sheridan as "Wade Watts" from the production of the science fiction film Ready Player One (Warner Bros. Pictures, 2018). 

The goggles are composed of plastic, resin and elastic, while the virtual reality gear, which is placed around the neck, is composed of plastic, resin, and Styrene.

Wade Watts wears these type of goggles and gear at the beginning of the film when he first travels to the virtual reality world known as the OASIS.

The goggles and virtual reality gear are displayed on a white spray-painted production-made lifecast head of actor Tye Sheridan, that rests on a wooden base.

In the film, Wade Watts, embarks on a quest to find an Easter egg hidden within the OASIS by its creator, James Halliday, played by Mark Rylance. The discovery of the Easter egg promises immense wealth and control over the OASIS. Wade, along with his friends and fellow gamers, must compete against a powerful corporation called IOI, led by Nolan Sorrento, played by Ben Mendelsohn, who seeks to control the OASIS for profit.


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