Princess Diana's Personal Letters

New Lots Added: Personal Correspondence from Princess Diana

June 3, 2024

a christmas card with a picture of a family sitting on a couch .
a letter dated august 14th 1981 is written in cursive
a letter from balmoral castle dated september 25th 1982
a christmas card with a picture of princess diana and her family on it .
a collection of letters and envelopes from the queen elizabeth ii
a collection of handwritten letters addressed to different people .
a christmas card with a picture of a family and a dog .

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Julien's Auctions has announced the addition of Princess Diana's personal letters to its traveling auction and exhibition, "Princess Diana's Elegance & A Royal Collection," which will close in Los Angeles on June 27th. These newly included items, consisting of handwritten letters, thank you notes, signed holiday cards, and other correspondence, provide an intimate glimpse into the life of the beloved princess. This collection, the largest of Princess Diana items assembled in over 25 years, offers a unique and poignant perspective on her style and humanitarian efforts.

The inclusion of these personal documents adds a new dimension to the already remarkable auction and exhibition. Each piece, written and signed by Princess Diana herself, not only showcases her elegant handwriting but also reflects her warmth and generosity. Fans and collectors have the opportunity to bid on these special items through Julien's Auctions, making this a rare chance to own a piece of royal history. The collection’s personal touches offer a deeper understanding of Princess Diana’s life, enhancing the auction's significance and appeal.

A handwritten letter from Princess Diana dated October 21, 1981. The letter is written in blue ink on stationery bearing a stamped crest at the center top and reads in part, "Dr. Mr & Mrs Pendrey / Enclosed is a small momento of our wedding day, which I do you'll like." The letter is signed "Diana" on the verso.

Originally offered for auction in March 2002 by Maud Pendrey, a former housekeeper at the Spencer family home at Althorp in Northamptonshire.

A 1981 signed holiday card from Princess Diana to Mr. and Mrs. Pendry with Prince Charles and Princess Diana's 1981 wedding photo, photographed by Lord Snowden.

The card's exterior stamped in gold leaf (gold tone foil) are coronets with the Prince of Wales three plume Coat of Arms and Princess Diana's Coat of Arms. On the interior left-hand side is handwritten and typed text reading, "Mr. & Mrs. Pendrey,/ With all Good Wishes/ for Christmas/ and the New Year/ With much love,/ Diana." Opposite the seasonal greetings and signature is a wedding photograph of Prince Charles in his Royal Navy commander's dress uniform and Princess Diana in her Emanuels silk taffeta wedding gown, and Spencer family tiara, photographed by Lord Snowden.

Comes with a stamped and dated envelope from Buckingham Palace addressed to "Mr. and Mrs. A Pendrey, West Lodge, Althorp, Northampton." Dated December 15, 1981.

A group of six stamped mail envelopes addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Pendrey. Three are postmarked Buckingham Palace, two Balmoral Castle, and one Windsor Castle.

Originally offered for auction in March 2002 by Maud Pendrey, a former housekeeper at the Spencer family home at Althorp in Northamptonshire.

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