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For the third year, Music Health Alliance brings you an exclusive collection of handwritten and signed song lyrics, generously donated by the songwriters and recording artists responsible for bringing these iconic words to life. The collection features classic hits you’ve been humming for years in addition to current hitmakers of 2022 and includes award-winning, number one history-making songs from a wide range of musical genres including pop, rock, country, and more. Each handwritten lyrics piece was personally contributed by the original songwriter and/or artist to support Music Health Alliance’s healthcare advocacy and life-saving support for the music industry.

Highlights from this exciting auction include:

  • An acoustic guitar on which Kelsea Ballerini has written the lyrics to her #1 hit “Peter Pan,” reading in part: “You're just a lost boy, with your head up in the clouds / You're just a lost boy, never keep your feet on the ground.” Ballerini has also signed the guitar beneath a painted-on gray cloud.
  • A sheet of handwritten lyrics—in their entirety—for Martina McBride’s platinum-certified “Concrete Angel,” signed by songwriters Rob Crosby and Stephanie Bentley.
  • A drum head from the band Train, with the lyrics to their #1 Grammy-winning hit, “Drops of Jupiter” handwritten by songwriter and lead singer Pat Monahan with lyrics reading in part: “But tell me, did you sail across the sun?/ Did you make it to the Milky Way to see the lights all faded.”
  • A George Strait signed signature white cowboy hat featuring songwriter (Bob DiPiero) handwritten lyrics to the 1996 hit “Blue Clear Sky” adorning the brim.
  • Lyrics to the chart-topping pop single "Do You Feel Like I Do” handwritten and signed by singer-songwriter Peter Frampton, with lyrics reading in part: “Must have been a dream/I don't believe where I've been/Come on/Let's do it again/Do you... you feel like I do?”
  • A sheet of lyrics for Walker Hayes’ viral 2022 hit “Fancy Like,” handwritten and signed by Hayes with lyrics reading in part: “My girl is bangin’ / She’s so low maintenance / Don’t need no champagne popping entertainment.”
The proceeds from this auction will benefit Music Health Alliance, (MHA), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides 100% free advocacy, support, and access to life-saving healthcare and financial resources for the music industry. Based in Nashville, MHA has provided free critical healthcare advocacy and support to more than 18,000 music professionals in 49 states. Already the #1 cause of bankruptcy in the U.S., medical expenses can easily shatter the careers of music professionals in their most vulnerable and urgent time of need. To date, MHA has saved the music community more than $85 million in healthcare costs to keep the music playing, artists touring, and families in our music community healthy.

Guided by trained and compassionate professional advocates, MHA protects, directs, and connects music professionals and their families with medical and financial resources including access to doctors and specialists, medicine, diagnostics, health insurance, Medicare, end-of-life guidance, mental health support, financial assistance, and much more. We have assisted 28 music makers with life-saving heart, liver, kidney and lung transplants, and saved more than 2,300 families from bankruptcy due to medical bills.

For every $1 donation, MHA is able to provide $30 in life-saving healthcare resources. MHA fights so those in our industry never have to feel alone in a health crisis and we remove obstacles so music makers can receive lifesaving care. Our services are free to any person who has worked in the music industry for three or more years or who has credited contributions to four commercially-released recordings or videos. Spouses, partners, and children of qualifying individuals may also receive access to the non-profit’s services from birth to end of life. Entirely funded through grants and individual and corporate donations, financial support from the music community is critical to continue Music Health Alliance’s life-saving work to heal the music.

The need for MHA’s services has grown by more than 67% over the last year and we hope you will bid on these song lyrics and support this most vital organization and keep our music industry healthy to bring us the music of our lives. Musicians bring us all relief – let’s bring some to them now!

For more information, please go to: www.musichealthalliance.com.

The auction will be online starting on Saturday October 1st, 2022 for advance bidding and the auction will start closing in real time and in lot order for live bidding at 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time on Monday October 24th, 2022.

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Online Only Auction
Starts Closing At 11.00 a.m. Pacific Time
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