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For Immediate Release:

William Shatner Sells Kidney Stone for $25,000 to GoldenPalace.com Benefiting Habitat For Humanity

Wednesday, January 18th, 2006 — Hollywood, CA

"I want to own it," said Jimmy Kimmel about the Shatner shale on his November 14th show as he interviewed Shatner about his new calcium offspring. "It is the ultimate Star Trek collectible. You know, it's like a real dilithium crystal," Kimmel further stated.

William Shatner GoldenPalace.com Habitat for Humanity

Shatner Kidney Stone Apparatus

Today Shatner reached negotiations with GoldenPalace.com on the sale of his kidney stone, stint and string from his painful procedure for $25,000. "When Julien's Auctions contacted me about selling my kidney stone to GoldenPalace.com for an original price of $15,000 I turned it down knowing that my tunics from Star Trek have commanded more than $100,000. I offered the stone, stint and string for $25,000 and informed Darren Julien that 100% of the proceeds would go to benefit Habitat for Humanity and I retain visitation rights". He quickly responded that GoldenPalace.com agreed to $25,000 and joint custody.

The sci-fi icon ended up on a gurney with stirrups. "It was a gurney for pregnant women," said Shatner. "They're wheeling me through the hospital — my legs are in the stirrups and I'm screaming — and somebody says, 'Look, there goes Captain Kirk, he's having a baby!' Very, very embarrassing."

GoldenPalace.com CEO Richard Rowe stated "This is a bold new addition to our fleet. Now we can claim to have what no man has had before, an enterprising piece of science fiction history."

Press Contact: Darren Julien
Mobile: 818-694-8090

** Video interview with William Shatner and photographs available for distribution upon request **

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