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When Costars Collide, Magic Lasts a Lifetime

Raquel Welch and Burt Reynolds' connection was one of a kind...

April 4, 2024

Raquel Welch and Burt Reynolds had a connection all their own. While the performers weren’t ever intimate in their personal lives, the pair shared exceptional chemistry on the big screen through several projects.

Reynolds died on September 6, 2018. He was 82.Days later, Welch opened upin a 2018 People magazine interviewabout the first time she ever set eyes on the “Gunsmoke” actor.

Welch told the outlet she had never met Reynolds before the twofilmed their 1969 movie, “100 Rifles,” since she had been living in Great Britain and traveling about Europe in the years leading up to it.

“The first time I laid eyes on him, he came strolling across the tarmac towards the plane and, well –he had a walk that was unlike anything I’d ever seen before,” Welch recalled of the tarmac moment as they awaited a planescheduled to take them from Madrid, to the film set in the south of Spain. “He was somewhere between a jock and a cowboy, which was just about perfect. I was thinking he’s just the hottest thing. And I haven’t even seen his face!”

“You never saw a walk like that in your life,” Welch added with a laugh. “I decided then that this was going to be a fun shoot.”

The beauty and fitness maven explained that as she and Reynolds continued working together, she saw him as a “sweet, nice, wonderful guy” and said he often matched wits with her, keeping their humor sparking.

Welch and Reynolds, considered by many to be the preeminent female and male sex symbols of the 1970s, costarred in the western 100 Rifles (Twentieth Century Fox, 1969), Fuzz (United Artists, 1972), and Forget About It (Allumination Fireworks, 2008).

“I was really caught by his magnetism, his sort of star quality that you could see even when he was in long shot,” she said fondly. “On the tarmac there in that plane when I was waiting for this guy, and all of a sudden, I see this dude walking towards me and it’s like, ‘Oh, my god, who is that? Oh, that must be Burt.’ Oh, wow, look at him. He was one of a kind.”

However, Welch and Reynolds’ friendship wouldn’t be without its hiccups.

During the film, 1972 “Fuzz,” Welch allegedly insisted she didn’t have any direct scenes with Reynolds–although they did film an interrogation scene in the same room.

And yet, Welch never could forget her costar’s appeal that captured the hearts of many through decades.

“He had that crooked smile and very naughty sense of humor and he was just fun,” Welch said at the time. “And he loved to hold forth on set with a lot of people hanging around. He was somewhere, actually, between a jock and a cowboy, and, in my book, you can’t get much better than that.”

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