'Sounding Off' with Guest Contributor Alan Light

The Fendi Green dress, a piece of Amy Winehouse's sartorial history, serves as a reminder of her enduring impact on both music and fashion

June 12, 2024

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The echoes of rock history continue to resonate through the realm of music, pop culture, and the auction spaces. But few voices carry the weight and wisdom of Alan Light, a veteran rock critic for Rolling Stone and former editor-in-chief of Vibe, Spin, and Tracks – his journey through music's most transformative eras is unparalleled.

In this edition of "Sounding Off," Light lends his expert eye and sharp commentary to a curated selection of items available in our Music Icons auction. From rare vinyl pressings to iconic instruments and handwritten lyrics, each piece carries a story – a fragment of a moment in time that shaped music as we know it.

Join us as we delve into the heart of music history, guided by Light's insightful analysis. Discover the hidden gems, the untold stories, and the enduring legacy of the icons who defined generations.

an ad for amy winehouse 's fendi green cocktail dress

Amy Winehouse's Fendi Green Cocktail Dress is up for auction in Music Icons.

The intersection of music and fashion is a captivating realm, where artistic expression manifests in both sound and style. The late Amy Winehouse, a musical powerhouse and style iconoclast, embodied this fusion with a raw authenticity that resonated deeply with fans worldwide.

Among the artifacts that capture her unique essence is a Fendi forest green wool shift dress, a garment that speaks volumes about Winehouse's individuality and her connection to the fashion world. This seemingly simple dress, with its v-neckline and cascading scallop-edge ruffles, transcends its material form, becoming a symbol of Winehouse's bold spirit and her influence on the fashion landscape.

The dress, owned and worn by Winehouse, is imbued with a sense of history. It is a tangible link to a moment in time when the worlds of music and fashion converged in a celebration of creativity and self-expression. The fact that it was designed by Fendi, a renowned fashion house with a rich heritage, adds another layer of significance to the garment.

A Fendi forest green wool shift dress owned by Amy Winehouse.

A Fendi fitted wool shift dress with a v-neckline and cascading scallop edge ruffles (unfinished so they fray) at the front from the neckline to the hem. There is a Fendi label present as well as a garment care and manufacture label, marked a size 40.

PROVENANCE From The Collection of a Close Friend To Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse, Clothing & Jewelry

Karl Lagerfeld, the creative director of Fendi from 1965 to 2019, was a known admirer of Winehouse's talent and style. This mutual appreciation culminated in a private performance by Winehouse at Fendi's Avenue Montaigne store in 2008, an event that solidified her status as a cultural icon.

The Fendi dress, with its unfinished frayed edges, mirrors Winehouse's own raw, unfiltered approach to life and art. It is a testament to her refusal to conform to societal expectations, a visual representation of her rebellious spirit. The dress, like Winehouse herself, is a statement piece that demands attention.

Winehouse's untimely passing in 2011 left a void in the music world, but her legacy continues to inspire. Her influence on fashion is undeniable, with her signature beehive hairstyle, winged eyeliner, and vintage-inspired clothing becoming synonymous with her name. The Fendi dress, a piece of her sartorial history, serves as a reminder of her enduring impact on both music and fashion.

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