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Hollywood I CONS & I DOLS: 314 1145 “TERMINATOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY” ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER LEATHER JACKET, PANTS, AND T-SHIRT (WITH DVD) An original costume used during the production of the fi lm Terminator 2: Judgement Day (Carolco Pictures, 1991), starring Arnold Scwarzenegger. The costume, worn by The Terminator (Arnold Scwarzenegger) consists of a black leather biker jacket with suede lace-up sides, and silver details, as well as “S3” written in silver ink inside the right front pocket. Along with the jacket comes a matching pair of black leather pants with a belt, and a gray Hanes “Beefy” T-shirt (Size X-Large). The back of the jacket is cut open with distress as part of the continuity of the fi lm as the T-800 is damaged as the fi lm progresses. Accompanied by a DVD of the fi lm. $20,000-30,000