Icons & Idols: Trilogy Rock 'N' Roll

JULIEN’S AUCTIONS 231 453 DAVID BOWIE TOUR MANUSCRIPTWITH HANDWRITTEN NOTES Amanuscript fromDavid Bowie’s 1974 Diamond Dogs tour belonging to Bowie that contains lyrics to his songs that were performed on tour, filled with handwritten notes by Bowie in black felt pen. The first leg of the tour dates were June 14 to July 20, 1974. The cover of the manuscript reads “Bowie U.S. Tour IV Songs” and has a security company sticker as well as a backstage pass for “Bowie 6/28.” A content page within lists 20 songs and the album titles. Bowie’s notes include instrumental pickups, breaks, chorus indications, and guitar solo indications. He has also indicated how he wanted the instruments to sound, such as “horns warm” and “guitar solo - hard & menacing.” Bowie gave the manuscript to his sound engineer, Buford Jones, at the beginning of the tour and went over notes with him to explain the things in the book that he had thought would help Jones to mix the show. The documentary Cracked Actor (BBC, 1975) largely contains footage from the Diamond Dogs tour, which was known to be one of the first of its kind for large and elaborative set pieces. 12 by 10 inches PROVENANCE From the Collection of Buford Jones, David Bowie’s sound engineer $20,000-30,000