Music Icons - Prince Cloud 2 Blue Angel Guitar

22 Mark Sampson (Matchless Amplifiers) confirmed this for us, “I began working at Knut Koupeé shortly after the first [Cloud] was finished but before the Purple Rain movie came out. My job there was primarily painting with some setup and repairs. I painted Clouds 2 & 3 when they were new for the first time. I additionally had to help strip and refinish #s 1, 2, & 3 a number of times during the Purple Rain Tour period. The #2 guitar started as a partially finished O’Hagan Nightwatch that was in a parts pile purchased by the store at an auction of the defunct O’Hagan factory. Extensive woodwork was done to transform it into the Cloud.” The only characteristics of a repurposed O’Hagan Nightwatch that were not visible in the CT scans of this guitar, were the wooden dowels used to plug the original Nightwatch tuning peg holes, visible in the Joki Polaroid. There is a very good reason for this – this guitar was re- necked in 1988. To understand why, we turned back to Mark Sampson and his successor Barry Haugen. Mark explained that repairs were common and performed under extraordinary time constraints. He recalled that “there were many times that either Dave [Rusan], I or someone from the store had to go to the airport to receive a broken guitar that a stewardess would hand someone coming to the airport to pick up!! We would have 48, sometimes 72 hours, to repair the break(s), strip, refinish including hand mounted fret markers, do a fret dress or replace frets as needed, polish after all work was done, rush back to the airport and back on a plane to next tour stop!!” Cloud 2 with clean headstock break after 1986 Parade Tour Photo Courtesy: John Woodland Prince was notoriously hard on his guitars. During the last show of the Parade Tour on September 9, 1986 in Yokohama Japan, which turned out to be Prince’s last show with the Revolution, he was caught on video throwing down both Cloud guitars 1 and 2 on stage in the span of a minute.