Music Icons - June 2020

386 741 NIRVANA ORIGINAL NEGATIVES FROM SPIN MAGAZINE PHOTOSHOOTWITH COPYRIGHT, SIGNED ORIGINAL PRINTS, AND CAMERA USED IN SESSION A group of items pertaining to Nirvana’s Spin magazine photoshoot from the January 1992 issue taken by photographer GregWatermann, including the Hasselblad 500 ELX camera body used for the photoshoot, serial number 1330057; 34 original color slides from the shoot, each numbered from 1 to 34; 72 original black and white negatives in strips of four, each with corresponding black and white contact sheets; various art prints in two sizes taken from the original negatives, each signed “Watermann ‘91,” some with additional “Oct 22 Phoenix/ Nirvana” notations; contact sheets signed “Watermann ‘91”; and five copies of Spin magazine from January 1992 with Nirvana as the cover story. Accompanied by the certificate of registration from the United States Copyright Office. The negatives in this lot are sold with copyright. Accompanied by a transfer of copyright document signed by the photographer. The buyer is solely responsible for obtaining copyrights. Largest, 24 by 20 inches PROVENANCE From the Collection of GregWatermann $10,000-20,000