Music Icons: May 18, 2019

230 THIS IS IT TOUR UNCUT SHEET OF TICKETS A full sheet of 15 uncut lenticular tickets for Michael Jackson’s scheduled concert series at the O2 Arena in London. 28 by 20 inches $600-800 232 MICHAEL JACKSON NEVERLAND RANCH LIFE-SIZE SEATED AMERICAN INDIAN FIGURE A life-size molded rubber figure of a seated American Indian man. This figure decorated the grounds of the amusement park area at Neverland Ranch. This item was sold with Michael Jackson’s permission when Julien’s Auctions cleared out Neverland in 2008. 38 by 26 by 24 inches $1,000-2,000 231 MICHAEL JACKSON TWICE SIGNED AND INSCRIBED T-SHIRT A white Neverland T-shirt twice signed by Michael Jackson in black marker and additionally inscribed “Thanx [sic] for all the love youre [sic] the best 1998 [arrow] 2000.” $600-800 112 MUSIC ICONS