The Icon - Winter 2018 Edition

2 THE icon Fifty years Fifty years of creativity Fifty years of passion Fifty years of friendship Fifty years GOOD-BYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD As Elton embarks on his final world tour, I’ve been presentedwith many opportunities to reflect on our musical career. We celebrated our creative partnership at a gala in Los Angeles in 2017, I joined him for his last weekend during his final La Vegas performances, we’ve co-hosted a YouTube contest where other artists reinterpreted our songs visually, we were honoredwith a CBS Grammy Salute presentation, andwe both executive produced two new albums with covers of some of our biggest hits sung by other artists. I amoften askedhow I feel about our biggest hits - howdo I interpret themtoday as I reflect on the last 50 years ofmy professional life? As the tour has begun, I ammore overwhelmed than ever before by the sell-out crowds singing along to every song. Fansshareoftenthatmy lyricsandElton’smelodieshaveshapedand changedtheir lives indramatic,everlastingways.HowcanIpossibly expressmygratitudetothemillionsoffanswhohave impactedmy life?Your loveand loyaltyhasmeanteverything… Vaya Con Dios, 90 BERNIE TAUPIN ELTON JOHN HAND-PAINTED LYRICS A large sheet of printed lyrics for the 1973 Elton John song “Bennie and The Jets” with hand painted embellishments by Bernie Taupin. Signed by Taupin in blue ink. 24 by 23 1/2 inches Estimate: $2,000-4,000 Photo: Greg Gorman 3 THE icon 132 BERNIE TAUPIN ELTON JOHN ORIGINAL WORKING L YRI CS Two sheets of original lyrics for the 1976 Elton John a nd Kiki Dee single “Don't Go Breaking My Heart.” Typed, wit h corrections and alternate lines handwritten in blue i nk. Includes additional unused words. 11 by 8 1/4 inches (each) Estimate: $4,000-6,000 129 BERNIE TAUPIN WORN ELTON JOHN T-SHIRT WITH BOOK A vintage P.S. Creations brand T-shirt presented to Bernie Taupin and Elton John by rock concert promoter Bill Graham, designed to look like a white tuxedo and made to advertise the October 19-20 Elton John concert at the Oakland Coliseum in 1975. The shirt was worn by Bernie Taupin during a photo shoot with John, who also wore a similar shirt, as seen on page 77 of the accompanying book Two Rooms: Elton John & Bernie Taupin in Their Own Words (UK: Boxtree, 1991). Estimate: $600-800