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Julien's Auctions is proud to present the Prince owned and played original Cloud 2 "Blue Angel" guitar, a highlight in our "Music Icons" auction taking place in Beverly Hills and live online at Julien's Live on Friday, June 19th and Saturday, June 20th.

Builders: O’Hagan Guitar Company, Tommy Stinson, Dave Rusan, Mark Sampson, Barry Haugen

Julien's Auctions - Music Icons 'Prince Blue Angel Guitar

The guitar, currently painted an electric blue finish, has been refinished a number of times, but began white. The guitar has also been painted and used by Prince as peach, light blue, and yellow. The guitar neck is cracked from between the 6th and 7th frets up to the headstock. From 1984 until the time that Andy Beech began making Cloud guitars for Prince in 1993, this was Prince’s primary performance Cloud guitar. Guitar is accompanied by a custom purple Calzone case with stenciled labeling identifying this as "C1" and listing the address for Paisley Park.

A detailed timeline of this guitar and its many finishes is provided below. It is important to note that this is the only Cloud guitar that was painted the lighter blue/teal color giving it the nickname "Blue Angel."

  • The guitar was created for and used throughout the Purple Rain Tour (1984-1985)
  • Used throughout the Parade Tour (1986)
  • Used throughout the Sign o' The Times Tour (1987)
  • Appeared in the 1987 music documentary "Sign o' The Times" and it is featured on the poster for the film
  • It is the primary guitar Prince used throughout the Lovesexy Tour (1988-1989)
  • Prince played this guitar on September 24, 1989 when he appeared on the Saturday Night Live 15th Anniversary Special and performed "Electric Chair." The guitar featured Batman fingerboard decals at that time.
  • Appeared on September 1991 Spin magazine cover, a copy of the magazine is included with this lot.
  • Used at the September 5, 1991 MTV Video Music Awards when he performed “Get Off.”
  • September 9, 1991 Prince appeared on the Arsenio Hall show for a now legendary performance of five songs on stage for over 20 minutes throughout the show. He played this guitar for the opener "Let’s Go Crazy," "Cream," and "Purple Rain"
  • Used in the music videos for "Get Off" and "Cream"
  • Used throughout the Diamonds and Pearls Tour (1992)
The research on this guitar required going back to the very beginning of the Cloud guitar itself to determine how it was constructed, repaired and refinished through the years (and it was repaired and refinished a lot).

We consulted with John Woodland who has spent a year and a half researching the origin and creation of the original Cloud guitars. Woodland also performs conservation work on Prince's guitars at Paisley Park. He is currently writing a book with Gerald Ronning (former Knut Koupeé Music employee, 1983) on the subject.

Julien's Auctions also brought the guitar to Westside Medical Imaging in Beverly Hills for extensive CT Scans imaging to verifiy that this guitar is Prince's famous and beloved "Cloud 2".

Cloud 2 – (1984) Born White
  • Refinished white multiple times 1984-1986 due to repairs
  • Peach – 1987 Sign of the Times era (painted at the same time as Cloud 1)
  • Light Blue - re-necked by Haugen new maple fingerboard - 1988 Lovesexy tour giving it the name “Blue Angel”
  • Refinished light blue, 1989 Batman fingerboard decals added
  • Yellow – 1991 (painted at the same time as Cloud 1)
  • Refinished yellow again due to repairs
  • Electric blue/purple – circa 1994
For full details about this history piece, be sure to read the extensive catalogue featuring photography, analysis and consultation with experts and luthiers involved with work on the piece and subsequent research:

Julien's Auctions - Music Icons 'Prince Blue Angel Guitar

Preview the entire Music Icons auction catalogue in digital flip book format online by clicking the cover image below:

Julien's Auctions - Music Icons 'Prince Blue Angel Guitar

If you can't make it out to Beverly Hills to bid in person, you can still watch all the action as well as bid online at julienslive.com!


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