Hollywood: Legends & Explorers

Julien's Auctions is proud to present our "Hollywood: Legends & Explorers" auction taking place in Beverly Hills and live online at Julien's Live on Friday, July 17th and Saturday, July 18th.

This summer, Julien’s Auctions, reaches for the stars and rockets into space with "Hollywood: Legends & Explorers" auction taking place on Friday, July 17th & Saturday, July 18th in Beverly Hills and live online at Julien's Live. This two-day extravaganza offers a marquee collection of over 900 items from Hollywood entertainment film and television both past and present. A special category to this year’s edition is an exclusive collection of significant and historical Space artifacts and treasures.

Julien's Auctions - Hollywood: Legends & Explorers

The highlight of the auction is one of the most iconic space suits from the Hollywood science fiction masterpiece that captured the imagination of filmgoers unlike any before... Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. The suit features a helmet that was repainted throughout production for many scenes, and is believed to have been worn by the film’s star, Keir Dullea, as mission pilot and scientist Dr. David Bowman in the most memorable scene in the film, when his character Dr. Bowman reenters the antechamber of the Discovery ship leading to the "brain room" and logic center to "kill" HAL.

Preview the full auction, special edition catalogue dedicated to this important hollywood artifact by clicking the cover image below:

Julien's Auctions - 2001: A Space Odyssey

This event brings together both a fictional representation of our (then) future as well as a historic collection of some of the most important pieces used in space exploration including the actual pilot control stick used by Neil Armstrong on the Apollo 11 flight to the moon, an Apollo era spacesuit glove designed for Armstrong, a complete original tool kit flown on Apollo 17 during the last mission to the moon, a baseball signed by the Apollo 11 flight crew, original computer instrument panels used by ground control in Houston, parts from the Saturn rockets that launched humans into orbit, actual items flown on the space shuttle orbiters, memorabilia from Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Spacelab, and Orbiter programs, plus numerous original NASA films, photographs, and documents chronicling one of the greatest undertakings in human history.

One of Hollywood’s most beloved 1980s pop culture artifacts, the KITT Knight Rider 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, will rev up the auction block. The vehicle created by Universal Studios and used in tours and appearances promoting the popular Knight Rider (MCA TV, 1982-1987) television series starring David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight was also used in David Hasselhoff’s "Night Rocker" concert tour in Austria in 1987 and later exhibited on display at the Siegfried Marcus Automobile Museum in Stockerau, Austria through 2005.

An original cape worn by Christopher Reeve in his iconic role as the Man of Steel in the Superman (Warner Bros., 1978), Superman and Superman II takes flight to the auction block. The bright red cape with its iconic yellow "S" symbol shield stitched on the back, was used for both the filming of Reeve wearing the cape while studio blue screen traveling matte wire flying and studio ZOPTIC front projection flying.

A rare collection of original prints and photographs taken on the set Star Wars will be seen for the first time in over forty years and offered for the first time at auction. Jack Warford, a Magnum photographer, was hired by producers on the film to photograph all of the principal starship models on set during the production of the film and was given permission to make prints of his work, now being offered at public auction for the first time. Academy award-winning composer John Williams’ original film score sketches to The Empire Strikes Back is another exceptional lot for Star Wars fans and collectors including his sketches to "The Asteroid Field" and the "Finale".

"Property From The Collection of Steve Martin" celebrates the distinguished career of the legendary American actor, comedian, writer, playwright, producer, musician, and composer.

On offer is the most comprehensive collection of Martin’s iconic costumes and memorabilia ever assembled at auction from his films, television shows and specials, as well as awards, posters, musical instruments, magic props and personal items from one of Hollywood’s most revered comic geniuses and the acclaimed actor’s celebrated career spanning over five-decades.

"Property from the Estate of Nolan Miller" features an amazing collection of 127 lots representing his work. Nolan Miller’s life and designs epitomized Hollywood glamour. He not only designed garments for the original leading ladies of cinema; he also developed close friendships with Barbara Stanwyck, Ginger Rogers, Lana Turner, Susan Hayward, Bette Davis, Jane Wyman, Lucille Ball, Sophia Loren, Joan Crawford, and Elizabeth Taylor, to name a few, including work from the iconic series, "The Love Boat," "Charlie’s Angels," "Hotel," "The Colbys" and more.

Hollywood’s most legendary leading ladies of film and television will make a grand appearance on the auction block with personal items and memorabilia from the lives and careers of Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Valerie Harper, Greta Garbo, Katherine Hepburn, Doris Day, Mae West, Judy Garland and more.

Other coming attractions include: Geena Davis’ costume from Thelma in Thelma & Louise, rifles used by gorilla soldiers in 1970’s Beneath the Planet of the Apes, costumes and props from the hit series, "Breaking Bad", iconic artifacts from Netflix’s "Daredevil", props and items from Wentworth Miller used in his portrayal of Michael Scofield on the cult series "Prison Break" as well as other professional and personal items, artwork, costumes, autographs and other memorabilia from Star Trek films and television series and more.

Preview the entire Hollywood: Legends & Explorers auction catalogue in digital flip book format online by clicking the cover image below:

Julien's Auctions - Hollywood: Legends & Explorers

If you can't make it out to Beverly Hills to bid in person, you can still watch all the action as well as bid online at www.JuliensLive.com! Learn more at www.JuliensAuctions.com.

This limited catalogue also provides an opportunity for a special keepsake for your collection.

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